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Stakeholder Engagement
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An organization’s license to operate in any environment is guaranteed by its level of engagement with various critical stakeholders. It is generally said that an organization’s reputation before a crisis will help it out of a crisis.


Stakeholder perceptions and activities about the organization cannot easily be ignored. This consultancy/training sets up an organization towards the implementation of a pro-active stakeholder management strategy that shapes outreach efforts to various interest groups. Interest groups may include Governments and related regulatory agencies, media, employees and general public (activist groups; consumer associations).

Stakeholder Management Advisory Services offered by Bridges Limited include:

Reputation management and Stakeholder mapping:

  1. Identifying reputation drivers and their respective importance to the organization;
  2. Development of risk assessment tools; corporate imaging.

Engagement and management of perceptions:

  1. Effective media relations;
  2. Outreach strategies to non-media stakeholders, including influencers/opinion shapers and general public;
  3. Briefings platforms for general public/employees;
  4. Identifying and managing effective Corporate Social Responsibility/Investment programs.

Business Lobbying:

  1. Creating shared value model for critical stakeholders, particularly government, legislature and associated regulatory agencies;
  2. Optimizing ethics and governance policies;
  3. Development of ‘common-ground’ partnerships and
  4. Leveraging business associations.

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