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Welcome to Bridges Investments Limited

Our experts specialize in business management, business plan development, corporate restructuring, communications and media strategies, production of publicity materials, strategic management, change management, motivation, investment advisory, media training and development of training manuals.

Let us turn your passion into a profitable, community-conscious enterprise.

Bridges Investments Limited (Bridges) is a Zambian registered consultancy company specializing in business leadership, executive coaching, communications and stakeholder engagement. Prior to its re-registration as a limited company, Bridges offered limited consultancy work in Zambia through which it developed communications products for various local and international organisations.

In 2016, Bridges Limited was restructured in order to offer diverse products for a wide range of clients in sub-Saharan Africa.

World-Class Consultancy Services

Let us turn your passion into a profitable, community-conscious enterprise.
You become good when you learn how to do it better. Linking up with us is that first ...
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An organization’s license to operate in any environment is guaranteed by its level of ...
Though with limited budgets, many organisations are faced with a new set of

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