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We are pleased to introduce you to a range of services that have shaped the performance of your organization. Our motivation is to offer consultancy and capacity building services that will change the leadership, managerial, communications and engagement standards of all types of organizations.

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These include public institutions, international organisations, large and small scale private companies, non-governmental organisations as well as individuals seeking personal mentorship and coaching. Bridges Limited is also on the verge of introducing another product: Investment and Asset Management Services.


At Bridges Limited, we believe that people are the number one resource. When we engage with you, we are fully aware of your own internal strategies that seek to enhance the contribution of this resource. Our engagement, therefore, starts with understanding what you seek to achieve. This knowledge is central to designing services that respond to your expectations.


Bridges Limited is not a hit-and-run organization. We understand the process of change takes time and we will work together with you until we receive a nod of satisfaction. This profile will reveal just how we have done it in the past few years of business and show you a few organisations that have significantly benefited from consultancy services. Our message is, ‘we create value.’


Through both in-house training programmes and structured mentorship programmes, Bridges limited offers an opportunity to develop leadership and managerial capacity in organisations. Our experience in this area shows that the intervention of Bridges Limited has helped many organisations achieve their targets optimally. The range of training programmes is wide but captures leadership and management skills, talent management skills, change management, coaching and mentorship skills, strategic thinking and emotional intelligence. Training is also offered under the John Maxwell Certified Programme.


1. Business Re-engineering for Corporate and Emerging Markets (SME).

All businesses have targets to be met and over time businesses may lug on performance by not meeting internal or external objectives. Business systems may run obsolete in view of the ever-improving and changing global standards where a business may eventually not meet market competitiveness. Business Re-engineering is a key management strategy that assists in re-organizing an operational business. Bridges Limited helps companies re-engineer business systems, processes, structures and procedures.

2. Investment Advisory Services

Body corporates and individual beings alike desire to invest. As investment is made in different forms of Assets both liquid or tangible, Bridges Limited offers Investments Advisory Services with respect to the investors' desire (investment type, tenor & security plan). There is no amount of investment that is small and as a company policy, we have special services for Emerging Markets/SME who wish to learn and invest as they grow their businesses. Bridges Limited will advise on both local and international investment portfolios.

3. Fund Management Services

These fund management areas include Support and Management for Collective Schemes; Public Schemes; Private/Individuals and Corporate Investments.

Under our Fund Management services, we advise and assist to ensure that our client’s Assets are well placed in the most appropriate investment vehicles. We will assist our clients to understand the value of their assets and analyse their investment desire whilst we remain their Fund Managers.

4. Corporate Strategy Design

For a business to achieve its desired goals over a projected period, Strategy Management is key. Bridges Limited provides services in developing market standard Corporate Strategic Plans. The strategic plan will assist the business to streamline effectively and manage its objectives prudently.

5. Enterprise Development/Business Development activities

Starting and developing an enterprise are very critical activities to a business. Bridges Limited offers services for Enterprise Development, where investors may not have had a formal organization and wish to regularize their business activities. These services are both for Emerging Markets (SME) and Corporates.

Bridges will assist an organisation to structure their Business Development activities depending on the Business analysis outcomes or the Investors desires.

6. Corporate Communication Strategy

Communication is an integral part of everyday business activities. Every organization communicates internally and externally. Communication is beyond contact but the delivery of the message for the collaboration and desired outcome. Bridges Limited offers services in the Development of Corporate Communications Strategy both by training and development of the actual Communications Document.


The Corporate Governance training programmes for Board members are generally offered in conjunction with the Institute of Directors of Zambia though Bridges Limited offers the various modules independently. The Key modules include:

1. Board Governance Oversight: Definition of Corporate Governance, Building Effective Boards, Board principles and procedures, Director Independence, Governance of Risk, Board evaluation and assessments, Evaluation strategy and executive management performance.

2. Board and Executive Relations: Roles, Responsibilities and Liabilities of the Board, Effectiveness and Roles of Committees, Role of Senior management in governance, Role of Company Secretary, Building effective relationships between Boards and Management.

3. Creating Progressive Alliances: Governance of Strategy, Strategic Leadership in 21st Century, Stakeholder Management (Identifying, Mapping, Engagement and Management), Role of the Board in Protecting the license to operate, Bridges also offers Board Secretarial services and support.

4. Ict Governance: ICT Governance is a fundamental portion of enterprise governance. This comprises the leadership and organizational structures and processes that ensure that the organization’s IT sustains and extends the organization’s strategies and objectives. The content includes ICT Governance for business alignment; Managing complex standards and frameworks; Mining value from information chaos; Stakeholder management and information maximization; protecting and driving enterprise value.

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